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"Blue Mountain - one of the older legendary South Walton communities, with tall sugar-sand dunes and wild Blue Lupine flowers, but no real mountains!"

Blue Mountain Beach

A Blue Mountain? At the beach? Visitors to this laid back stretch of paradise often ask how the name came about. Although the highest elevation on the Gulf of Mexico in the United States is in Blue Mountain, just over 60 feet high really does not qualify it as mountainous. The story is, though, that early mariners could see the beautiful blue carpet of flowers along the tall rolling sand dune hills, and thus dubbed the area Blue Mountain. The lovely wildflowers are the Blue Lupine, and are still a part of the coastal landscape today.

Blue Mountain is an unincorporated neighborhood between Grayton Beach and Santa Rosa Beach. There are beach cottages that have been loved for generations, along with more recently built grand homes and condos. Among Blue Mountain’s amenities are several great restaurants and pubs, a local bakery, health food shop, art gallery, and bicycle shop.

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