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"Seacrest Beach - neighbor to Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach, and with its own vibrant town center"

Seacrest Beach

Originally, Old Seacrest Beach stretched from Seagrove Beach east to Rosemary Beach, which is quite an expanse of beach. However, some of that area has been carved out, developed and christened with new names, such as WaterSound West Beach, WaterSound Beach, Alys Beach. Those neighborhoods will most likely not be found in a search of properties in Seacrest Beach, but will turn up in a search using their names. Some other developments in the Seacrest area are Paradise by the Sea, Water’s Edge, High Pointe, and Sand Cliffs.

However, there is a master planned community known as simply, Seacrest Beach Subdivision, which is between Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. It was founded in 1996, and offers a mix of homes, condos, two swimming pools, and a vibrant town center with great restaurants, unique shops, and offices. In fact, when you visit the stunning Seacrest Beach 12,000 square foot swimming pool, you’ll feel as if you are vacationing in a Mediterranean resort!

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